Gzhel (Гжель) vase, Russian, hand made vase

Decorate your living space with this beautiful hand made vase from Gzhel, Russia.


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Beautiful floral design vase.

Very good condition, free from chips, cracks or repairs.

“The history of Gzhel porcelain began early in the 18th century, when private manufactures, who were scattered around the clay-rich region not far from Moscow, started producing porcelain pieces. After the revolution of 1917, the private workshops and factories were appropriated by the Soviet state and united as a ceramics guild in Turygino Village, about 60 kilometers from Moscow.

After WWII, the manufactures were in a miserable state and couldn’t resume porcelain production. There probably wouldn’t be any Gzhel porcelain today if not for Natalia Bessarabova, a sculptor and artist who revived the centuries-old artistic tradition. In 1972, the Turygino porcelain factory and other ceramics manufacturers in the region morphed into Union Gzhel, which cherishes its unique legacy producing original handcrafted Gzhel porcelain. Turygino Village is also home to the world’s largest museum of Gzhel ceramics, which houses more than 2,000 pieces.

To this day, every piece of Gzhel porcelain is made entirely by hand and bears one of two trademarks: either a double-headed eagle with the word Gzhel (Гжель) or an oval Gzhel logo and the stamp “Handmade in Russia”. Any other stamps or marks mean that you’re holding a forged copy. Original Gzhel is only made of porcelain, there’s no such thing as faience Gzhel. However, sometimes Gzhel commissions limited collections from fabrics and precious metals. Apart from popular dinnerware and common household items, Gzhel produces true pieces of art, which can be found in esteemed museum collections all over the world.”

Quote courtesy of https://theculturetrip.com

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