Upcycled tropical oak drinks cabinet, gin cupboard, upcycle

Invite your friends round for drinks and await their reactions as you serve them from this ultimate feature piece. This superb tropical drinks cabinet is bound to impress.

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This vintage oak cabinet has been carefully restored and upcycled to transform it from a plain tallboy to a stylish tropical drinks cabinet complete with working key.

We delicately improved and reconditioned this piece so that now it has been completely re-purposed for storing, displaying and serving drinks. We’ve applied a few coats of premium oil which is durable and should keep it safely protected through many a social gathering.

The original wood grain on both of the cabinet drawers and top have been left on display, while the cupboard doors have been decorated with a stylish tropical paper. The legs have been finished in a gold metallic and the rest of the outside has been finished in a satin wood paint. The interior is the original wood.

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Weight 29.6 kg
Dimensions 79 × 45 × 104 cm