Terms and Conditions


All of our items for sale have had a previous life and therefore may have imperfections due to their age and use over time. You should expect us to restore or upcycle our items to a high standard. Items will not be new.


All listed weights and dimensions are approximate.


Shipping price for ‘bulky’ items requires a custom quote. If payment is made before receiving a custom shipping quote and is later cancelled for whatever reason, then a £30 administration fee will be deducted from any given refund.

If you prefer to arrange your own courier then we are happy to work with them. A nominal fee will apply for packing your item. The nominal fee will vary depending upon the piece in question. Please contact us if you have any questions.

Overseas Shipping

Any customs or import taxes which may be payable upon delivery are to have the full costs met by the customer.

Arrange Your Own Courier

When opting to arrange your own courier we do not guarantee safe arrival of your items. We will however pack your items to the best of our ability. Your order is considered complete once we hand over your parcel(s) to your courier upon your instruction. Lytham Vintage or any of its associates are not liable for any damage.

Returns / Refunds

We gladly accept returns for significant issues.

Contact us within three days of delivery.

Ship item back within fourteen days of delivery at buyers expense.

If the item was damaged in transit with our courier, of course a refund will be repayable in full and including the shipping costs. In such an instance, where reasonable to check, the customer should decline to accept delivery from the courier, as once accepted this may signify that the customer has received the item in an acceptable condition.



We do accept bitcoin as a payment method. When opting to pay with bitcoin the payment process is as follows.

  • Place the items which you wish to buy in to your cart and select your shipping or collection preference.
  • Contact us asking for a GBP/BTC exchange rate, preferably using messenger.
  • We will then manually check what exchange rate our broker is offering at that specific time and relay this exchange rate back to you for your consideration, again ideally via messenger.
  • We will honour the exchange rate for 15 minutes from the moment it is given to the customer.
  • If the exchange rate is acceptable to you, you may go ahead and place your order, selecting bitcoin as the payment method.
  • Once we receive your order we will provide you with a bitcoin address and total amount payable via email.
  • Once you have sent payment please let us know immediately, preferably via messenger.
  • After you have sent your payment confirmation message we shall check your payment is appearing on blockchain.info and confirm if your payment is in the mempool.
  • If the time elapsed between our offering a GBP/BTC exchange rate and the time which your payment entered the mempool is greater than fifteen minutes, you may be subject to a new exchange rate at the discretion of Lytham Vintage. If this is the case we will let you know if there is any difference to pay. (You can always request a new exchange rate if you think that you will need extra time to make payment. Exchange rates will always be valid for 15 minutes from the time they are given).
  • If your payment does not receive at least one confirmation within sixty minutes of it entering the mempool then your order may be cancelled at the discretion of Lytham Vintage. In order to avoid this, the customer is advised to send their payment with a sufficient miner fee. (Please contact your chosen wallet’s support team for more information).
  • Once payment is complete we shall begin to prepare your order as per your request.